Why the Metaverse is closer than you think?

The metaverse is like a 3D version of the internet, where people will be able to enter a digital space completely virtually or interact with parts of it in their physical space with the help of augmented and mixed reality.

We will be able to do it via virtual reality headsets, AR glasses, or, if Elon Musk has it his way, through brain-computer interface devices. Metaverse , also known as the mirror world, the AR cloud, or Web3, is the long-heralded successor to the world of the wide web.

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From video games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Animal Crossing, to the omnipresent clasp of social media platforms, and especially the explosion of cryptocurrency and NFTs, the science fictional concept of an elaborate, all-encompassing, digital world beyond the analog one we live in is fast becoming realized.

For gamers, this kind of experience is practically par for the course now. In multiplayer games with detailed worlds, players can have an avatar, socialize, dress in digital clothing, or even -as was the case with Fortnite.

Metaverse evangelists believe that most of us will soon be spending an ever-increasing amount of time connected to persistent virtual worlds like these.

If you struggling to picture it, fear not its kind of like communicating to someone in the early Eighties what the internet of 2022 would be like. If we step back three years ago, spending time making relationships in virtual worlds was stigmatized.

But attitudes have changed recently, as people have sought new ways to find connection and interaction. “The pandemic has legitimized that kind of behavior and also led to many new millionaires whose jobs and lives are specifically oriented around those spaces.”

This cultural shift has accelerated the talk of the upcoming metaverse. Over the past two years, people have engaged with the internet in ways they never have previously, and it is cross-generational.

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Cryptocurrencies have gone from a white tech bro-dominated space to a booming Gen Z side hustle that has birthed TIK TOK.

Not everyone is convinced that the metaverse is the ultimate in convenience and signals the future utopia we can shape anyhow we want. Maybe a “better verse” is needed that centers inclusivity and employs diverse developers to prevent history from repeating itself.

Luckily it appears that young people are welcoming to stepping up to the plate. Gen Z will start thinking about the internet after waking up in the morning, they will want to speak with somebody who may be in a different country, but they can only meet in an art gallery that has been built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Talk about a dystopian nightmare -we are living in one already. Instead, the metaverse could be a third reality where young people can find paid work, make an important changes like making fashion more sustainable, and escape into more fantastical realities that they actually have more control over.

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